quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013

Carta e Vídeo

Oii lindas e lindos,

Esse post vou colocar a carta que eu fiz para a família e meu vídeo, espero que gostem :)


Dear future host family,

My name is Thais, I am 21 years old and I have already graduated in Business Administration. I live in São José dos Campos, São Paulo-Brazil, I live with my mother Patricia, my father José and my brother João Paulo.
My parents working together in their own business, they have a snack bar. My brother is 22 years old and he has already experienced abroad, working and studying for 4 months in Wisconsin Dells – WI. They are wonderful parents and we have a good relationship. On Sundays we get our family together to eat lunch in my grandmother’s house. We love going to the beach in our vocation.
I am responsible, creative, friendly, energetic, hardworking, outgoing, flexible, loving and I am easy to adapt to new environments. I like traveling and knowing new places and cultures. My hobbies are riding a bicycle and roller skating, go to the movies, go to the parks, and read book. I love exercise, as playing volley ball and going to the gym.
I got my driver's license since 2009. I use to drive every day. I drive to the university, shopping, church and go to the beach. I have never taken a ticket and I have never been in a car accident. I am a good driver and I don’t have problems to drive automatic cars.
I would like to be an au pair because I love children, I love spending time with them, and also to have the opportunity to improve my English as listening and speaking.
I have had great experiences with kids. The first one I worked for 9 months at a foundation that helps poor families, and I was responsible to develop their creativity, like play with crafts, puzzles and memory games. And also, I always was helping them with the homework.
The second was with Miguel. I babysit him when he was 6 months while his mother was working. My routine was basically the same every day. I used preparing the meals, feeding, bathing, diaper changing, putting him to bed for a nap. After his nap we used to do funny activities as go to the playground play with other babies and with the weather was good we got to the swimming pool.
Although both experiences were different, they were amazing and they gave to me a lot of experience. Babysitting was wonderful; I could say that I was very responsible and careful with Miguel. The one-one time with him was really special; as I used to spend all my time with him I could give to him all my attention and dedication. Our time together was very valuable.
At the foundation I learned a lot with the kids, even the kids were poor and needed help from the city, they always have a big smile in their faces, they have never complained about the problems that they were facing. I was very proud working with them and I love them so much. It was a very great experience for me.
I am looking for a family that considers me part of the family. I am looking forward to have this great experience. Only the Au Pair program can offer me work, study and travel at the same time.
Thank you for your time.
I am looking forward for your contact.

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